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Online Universities – The Next Wave in Higher Education

If you are looking about for the perfect university for your college experience but are still not sure whether you are ready for the campus experience, any of the many online-based universities may be just the thing you need to begin your journey to higher education. There are in excess of 100 universities and colleges that offer online instruction with thousands of liberal arts, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctoral degree programs available. There is almost nothing that you can learn in a campus-based school that you cannot learn online. And with many of these programs now fully accredited and recognized by even the most prestigious universities across the country, there is no time like the present to take advantage of the opportunities that online universities present.

A Few of the Best

From nationally renowned online universities like DeVry and Kaplan to brick-and-mortar universities like Notre Dame that provide online equivalencies to their degree programs, the list of colleges from which you can choose is rich in educational tradition. For those interested in specialized studies like religion, there are even online universities catering to their interests. Even trade schools receive the online treatment these days; everything from welding to nursing instruction can be accomplished over the internet.

One of the first questions many employers ask when you tell them that you went to college online will involve the validity of the education. Many of the most well-known online universities offer fully-accredited coursework that is transferable to other universities and recognizable in the marketplace. Checking accreditation is easy – simply ask the school for their accreditation credentials and then verify the accrediting agency with the United States Department of Education. If the agency appears on the Department’s website, the online universities are legitimately accredited institutions.

Zero in Like a Laser

Once you begin your coursework at any of the major online universities, you will be amazed at how focused you are able to be on the subject matter at hand. Working from home provides less of a distraction than many college students experience from the various social phenomena that surround them on campus. This greater focus on the meat and potatoes of the actual educational experience is one of the primary reasons why the Department of Education now recognizes online universities as being at least equal – and in some cases superior – to their brick-and-mortar competitors.

So wonder no longer where your education is going to be obtained. The fact is that there are a host of fully-accredited online universities out there just waiting to provide you with the education you need and that meet whatever standards you require. This means you can get everything from a certificate in computer competency to an advanced doctoral degree, all without ever residing on campus or sitting in a professor’s lecture hall. Online universities truly are the next wave in higher education. And it is a wave that you would be wise to catch.

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