About Us

School of journalism publishes daily surveys, reports, interviews, on social, environmental, economic and democratic issues. It is run by a team of seven permanent journalists.

Produce information of general interest

We want to produce and disseminate information of general interest, accessible to all, which returns to its fundamentals: to investigate, to decrypt, to tell and to explain. We practice and defend:

– An investigative journalism, producer of rigorous information, original, sourced, verified.

– A popular education journalism that aims to provide everyone with tools for their own intellectual emancipation.

– Impact journalism that helps empower citizens by putting events in perspective and offering readers suggestions and alternatives so that they do not fall into catastrophic analysis or sterile indignation.

– Journalism that opens up possibilities, makes available different analyzes of social and ecological news, gives visibility to alternatives, resistance movements, ignored populations and other ways of seeing the world. The site is interested in background slides and large currents, more than the scum of a moving and artificial news, to publish articles that give meaning and perspective, according to the triptych Decrypter – Resist – Invent.