Compare Important Features of Attending a Paralegal School and a Law School

In case it’s very hard to make your bet between entering a paralegal school or a law school, you should think of all advantages and disadvantages. If you want to make a right choice about your further career way, this article will give you a vital information to compare the aspects of studying at paralegal school and at law school.

Positive aspects of making a paralegal career

-It’s much more easy to enter a paralegal school rather than a law school, because candidates don’t pass a school admission exam. Usually that students, who take the LSAT, but don’t achieve excellent results to be able to attend a law school, are forced to make their choice in favour of the paralegal program. However, if they aren’t satisfied with their rating, they can take the LSAT for many times till they get marks good enough to enter a law school.

-A paralegal school is much cheaper than a law school. Graduates, basically, get off the ground having an insignificant school debt, but it’s not a surprise for everyone that when you start your education, students often take loans to be able to pay for a school program. By contrast, law school graduates have an enormous amount of debt by the end of their education, because the cost is much higher and not everyone may afford themselves such expenses. Actually, the most of paralegals can begin working after three months of paralegal training, but they must experience the right college education behind them.

-A paralegal’s work isn’t as stressful as it can face a lawyer. The whole responsibility for realized actions lies on an attorney or on a lawyer, because they have to take under control everything that is done by their assistants. Furthermore, lawyers usually spend much time looking into a definite case, but can’t get an additional pay for overtime work by contrast to paralegals, who can.

Negative points of a paralegal profession

-Firstly, choosing a paralegal school it could restrict your career success in future. What is more, you can’t expect to earn more than $90,000 annually.

-Actually, it is thought that tasks given to paralegals are mainly elementary and dull. However, the simplicity of this work means that paralegals will have to face less difficulties and, therefore, to experience stressful situations. Another drawback lies in that paralegals have to share their office room with other employees. This isn’t so convenient, because you can be interrupted by anyone wasting your work time on various trifles.

Points “for” choosing a law school

-The main advantage of attending a law school consists in the fact that lawyers have great perspectives in career growth, that’s why they could expect the higher salaries by contrast to paralegals. A professional lawyer is qualified enough to run his own business in appropriate direction, which the best corresponds to his abilities and to the demand in the market.

-Moreover, lawyers often use the help of personal assistants like paralegals, secretaries and others. Their supervision allows to cope with his responsibilities spending less time and making less efforts to achieve desirable results. Besides, a lawyer’s work is usually connected with negotiations with clients, so very often he has to work outside his office to keep in touch with clients and other specialists. It means that this work is appealing and extremely interesting, because it can’t hold a candle to the sedentary work opposite a computer.

Points “against” attending a law school

-The worst thing about studying at law school is an extremely high cost for education, which not everybody may allow themselves. Nevertheless, candidates, whose LSAT results are on the highest level, can expect to be offered a financial aid. But usually students graduate from the school having a significant amount of debt, because during education students haven’t yet been able to pay off the whole amount of loan.

– Another disadvantage is the challenge of testing procedure. First of all, to be accepted to a law school program you must have high enough LSAT scores. As soon as you have completed a study course you will need to take the bar exam to confirm your qualification as a lawyer. In case a student fails the exam, he will not be allowed to make a career as a lawyer and it doesn’t worry anyone that you wasted your time and a considerable amount of money.

To conclude? it’s up to you to make a decision which career path to choose. You should estimate all “for” and “against” points to make a right bet. You are advised to think twice before you decide to enter a law school. You have to be sure that you are well-informed about admission requirements, you have enough financial resources to pay for an expensive education, you are ready to go through a tremendously complicated entrance testing and at the end of the program to pass the bar exam to get a permission to start a career as a lawyer. If you are confident that you have enough strength and stamina to overcome all these obstacles, you can plan to attend a law school without any hesitations. Whether you feel that this way isn’t your cup of tea and doesn’t correspond to your possibilities, you’d better try to enter a paralegal school. Finally, knowing all advantages and disadvantages of each school, it will be easier for you to decide what career path to opt and what you can expect from one or another profession.

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