Five Easy Ways for a Busy Parent to Get More Involved in Their Kid’s Education

Did you know that one of the number one complaints from our teachers and educators nowadays is parental involvement or better non-involvement? Many parents seem to think that the school should teach their children, manage them when they are there and that they as parents do not need to be involved or put any effort in the education of their children. So if you want to change this and get more involved in your children’s education, here are five easy ways to do so.

One of the easiest ways to get involved in your child’s education is by being interested in his school day. Ask your child how school was or if anything interesting happened today and when your child answers, listen. Just asking will not help, you have to listen to what they say and respond to their needs. It is very important to ask everyday and to be consistent in asking and listening. When you ask your children about their school day and about their homework, it will signal to them that school is important to you and therefore should be important to them. Asking them about their school day and about their homework will also send a clear message that you expect them to learn and study.

A second easy way to get involved in your child’s education is to check their homework. Not only check, but also assist with the homework and help your child to study for exams. When you check your child’s homework everyday, it will ensure that your child does the homework and also that your child knows that studying and doing the homework are an important part of their education. Some days your child might be in a crabby mood or just plain does not want to do the homework. Give the child some free time, but insist on the completion of the homework by the end of the night or the weekend or some other arbitrary deadline before the next class. Set that time period as a deadline for homework completion and infrequently remind the child of it.

Almost as easy as the first two ways to get involved is the parent teacher contact. Keep up to date on your child’s progress in school; do not just wait for the teacher to send you information home. Frequently get in contact with your child’s teachers and find out about your child’s progress, behavior and anything that relates to school. There are many different ways you can talk to your child’s teacher, meet him after class at school, set up an appointment, set up a parent teacher conference, participate in conferences set by the school, call your teacher or even send the teacher a letter. Teachers like to hear from parents. The teacher knows that parental involvement is one essential key for student’s success in school. Teachers do not have the same influence on children as their parents do.

Did you know that getting involved in your child’s education also means to vote in school board elections? Yes, voting for whom you think will do best for the school can improve the environment your child learns and studies in. This is actually a very easy way to be involved in your child’s education; you have to make a checkmark on the voting ballot and are already helping.

Lastly, there are also setting guidelines, milestones and rules for your child. Be involved by not letting your child stay up late on school days, by limiting the time they watch TV and instead encouraging them to read a book, do their homework or study. While you set rules and guidelines for children to follow, make sure that you are a good example of what you preach. Don’t turn the TV on, after you have told your child not to watch TV, but to read a book. Get a book out yourself, or while he or she is doing homework, catch up on paperwork such as bills.

Evaluating the Quality of Online Education Programs Versus Traditional Universities

The old thinking used to be that college education could only occur on an accredited four-year campus. Then came a proliferation of correspondence schools and alternative universities. Now, an emerging campus for the 21st century is online education.

Taking courses via the Internet has been reality for more than a decade, and the benefits are numerous. There is the time saved without having to commute to a physical campus, which helps busy professionals who work during the day but are interested in taking courses in the evening in hopes of transitioning careers. Online education can also be more convenient and cost effective for parents with young children, since childcare does not have to be arranged for anyone attending online school. Beyond that, there is the simple comfort of being able to attend a class remotely in the comfort of one’s own home. One shouldn’t have to sit in a classroom to get an education.

That being said, online college presents its own set of challenges, chief among them that there seem to be more options these days for it than ever. In fact, it’s easy to get lost in the crush of websites, trying to decipher who is legit and who is not. Everyone says that they’re the best on the Internet. A lot of the schools aren’t cheap either so wrong decisions can be costly and provide essentially useless certificates, degrees if they can even be referred to as such. Having a central point to review schools online can significantly help anyone researching education via the Web. It can be the fundamental difference.

Say someone is looking for radiology technician schools they can attend online (such schools do exist). A prospective student would want to know: which of these schools are up on the latest technologies; which ones actually have doctors or other medical professionals on staff rather than would-be professors who were delivering pizzas a few weeks before; and which of the schools provide a realistic chance at a job in health care or least a reasonable career search when all the classes are done. After all, an education is a career finder, perhaps as much as anything else. Same thing goes for anyone looking for online nursing degrees or training as an X-ray technician, phlebotomist, or medical administrator.

The best online schools are the ones that set their students up for success, rather than simply offering a quick and dirty experience disguised as education. The best online schools aren’t just about taking people’s money. The best online schools are exactly what they say they are: schools.

Top Two Educational Universities of Pakistan

Education in Pakistan has faced numerous challenges due to volatility in finances and less funding in educational sector from the government sector. But the evolution of educational organizations has proceeded due to farthest efforts put ahead by private sector to make Pakistani Youth well-acquainted with the informative desires of today’s world.

Hamdard University
The renowned scholar Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said founded Hamdard University for Pakistani Youth in Karachi. Hamdard University Karachi is educating students since 1991. It has developed to its present pattern with 7 educational domains or more than 42 degrees and certificates.

Location & Ranking
This university has a major campus in Karachi with other parts present at Islamabad and other components of Karachi. Many associated hospitals, law and IT organizations are affiliated with Hamdard University Karachi. With a “W” grading from HEC of Pakistan, it is amidst the peak Pakistani Universities fulfilling all the criteria for setting up a university.

Aims & Objectives
It is focused to supply highly innovative techniques, with best educating abilities approximately five thousand students. The scholar to educator ratio for each class is about 1:11 which is exceptionally better than any other university. It is an organization with value services and its scholar community is anticipated to increase.

Bahria University
Bahria University Karachi started in 1995 by beginning a computer and business studies for intermediate scholars and increased up to the benchmark of University in, February 2000. Bahria University is a semi government university, which is founded for the children of naval personals. It also serves civilian children though.

Aim & Objectives
This is a very famous university, specifically in the field of Management and Marine sciences. It is not very large-scale but highly equipped campuses, established at Islamabad and Karachi. It also encompasses many affiliated educational bodies.

The major educational domains of university comprise of; Management Science Department, Department of Engineering, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Department f Graduate Studies and Applied Sciences, Department of Law, Department of Marine Sciences, Medical and Dental Department and Institute of Professional Psychology.

The departments are highly equipped with online libraries and innovative laboratories established at Islamabad and Karachi. They have focused abilities to teach and groom scholars in mental expertise and empower them to better express their potential

Concluding all, we can state organizations like Hamdard & Bahria University Karachi contain a good worth of mouth due to the value they consign, imparting valued services to entire batches of highly accomplished professionals. These professionals use their learning to maximize output when engaged in developed and government sector organizations.